The United Service Institution of India

The USI is a unique institution with unequalled expertise in the field of national security and matters pertaining to defence services. It has built an outstanding reputation over the last 140 years. It is an autonomous institution with a membership exceeding 13000. The USI has ongoing bilateral dialogues with similar institutes in many countries and it is expanding.

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USI Library

USI Library ImageThe primary resource of the USI is its library, which holds over 65000 books and periodicals, some dating back to 16th Century, on a large variety of subjects. There are memoirs, biographies, recollections, manuscripts for scholars and researchers...

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USI Journal

The USI publishes a quarterly journal which has had uninterrupted publication since 1871, including during the two World Wars. It is the oldest surviving defence journal in the country and in Asia. It is supplied free of cost to the members.

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Centre for Strategic Studies & Simulation (CS3)

The Centre aims at conducting detailed and comprehensive enquiry, research and analyses of national and international security related issues. It also conducts simulation exercises.

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Strategic Perspectives - CS3


  • Long before the partition of India, famous Urdu poet Iqbal praised the Himalayas in glowing words and called it “our sentry and our protector”. Much water has gone down the river. The mighty Himalayas are no more the forbidding mountains; its crags and..


  • Twenty-six MPs from 20 political parties comprising the parliamentary delegation enjoyed a pleasant 24-hour stay in salubrious Srinagar. Next day, on its way back to New Delhi, the delegation reluctantly made a short stop-over in Jammu to symbolicall....


  • Inexplicable suspense loomed large over Kashmir politics this early summer. With the demise of Mufti Saeed, stakeholders began making speculation about the shape and stability of the new government. Two and a half month long delay in forming the new.....


  • The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) was founded in response to the peaceful nuclear explosion India in 1974. It seeks to contribute to non-proliferation of nuclear weapons through implementation of two sets of guidelines for nuclear exports and nucle..


  • The Jinnah naval base at Ormara, in Baluchistan, situated 350 km west of Karachi and 285 km east of the Gwadar Port, is an important tactical base which has become fully operationalised according to reports from Pakistan. This will increase the Pakis....

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Current Projects - CS3

  • China’s Emerging Cyber Operations Capabilities and Implications for India

    Col Rohit Mehrotra, Senior Research Fellow

  • Growing Relations between China, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar and its Implications for India

    Col SK Shahi, Senior Research Fellow

  • Chinese Maritime Strategy in IOR and Implications for India’s Maritime Security Engagement in the Region

    Cdr MH Rajesh, Research Fellow

  • A Comparative Analysis of China and India’s Space Capabilities Implications : Challenges and Response

    Col Sanjay Kumar, Senior Research Fellow

  • Critical Appraisal of China’s Internal Fault Lines; Impact on China’s Rise and Lessons for India

    Brig Sandeep Jain, Senior Research Fellow

  • India’s Afghanistan Policy – Challenges and Prospects

    Dr Raj Kumar Sharma, Associate Research Fellow

  • Net Assessment of Nuclear Balance of India & Pakistan

    Dr Roshan Khanijo, Senior Research Fellow & Research Coordinator

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Centre for Armed Forces Historical Research (CAFHR)

The Centre aims to encourage the objective study of all facets of the history of the Indian Armed Forces including the military history of the colonial and pre-colonial eras...

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Recent Projects - CAFHR

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Correspondence Courses by USI

The Institution runs regular correspondence courses for officers of the Armed Forces to assist them in preparing for Promotion and Defence Services Staff College / Technical Staff College examinations.

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Registrations for DSSC / TSOC - 2017 and Part B - 2017 open. Register immediately to commence prep through Corres Course earliest.

The first set of Course mtrl for Part B Exam 2017, dispatched to registered students on 03 Nov 16. Students are advised to register for the course imdt to draw max benefit from systematic study through the Corres Course.

The first set of Course mtrl for DSSC/TSOC Exam 2017 dispatched to registered students on 24 Nov 2016. Students are advised to register for the course imdt to draw max benefit from systematic study through the Corres Course. Students can also register for Contact Pgmes 2017.

DSSC Aspirants 2017 – Register yourself for the Corres Course and Contact Pgms imdt, as it is on first come first serve basis, and highly oversubscribed.

For Part D - Oct 16 - Registration for Part D, 2016 is open. The Course is being remodeled. Register yourself imdt to get max time for prep for best results. Latest study mtrl, handouts being issued in addition to the existing study mtrl.

The interactive course is very active. The offrs are regularly asking question on email during their prep throughout the yr and being answered. Register yourself for USI Corres Courses for making best use of Interactive Course for Part B -2017 / Part D –Oct 16 / DSSC -2017/ Part D - Oct 17.

The remodeling of Course together with hard work of USI student has shown great success in results.In 2015, USI students bagged 18 out 20 Competitive vacancies for DSSC (Army). Out of 239 Army officers nominated to attend DSSC Course, 208 were USI students. 16 out of 17 earmarked as res were USI students. See Msg from CI for detailed analysis of results. . In Part D 40% of the students of USI, passed all subjects in first attempt and 50.63% passed partly. Only 7.76% failed.

Centre for United Nations Peacekeeping (CUNPK)

CUNPK organises workshops, seminars and training capsules for officers of the Indian Armed Forces and the friendly foreign countries, selected for deployment in UN Peacekeeping missions. It also oversees the practical training of Indian contingents. CUNPK is a prominent member of the International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC) and has been running the Secretariat since 2005...

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Visits / Discussions

  • 03 Aug 2016. - A 19 member delegation led by Captain (Sri Lankan Navy) MDK Wijewardana from the Sri Lankan Defence Services Command and Staff College accompanied by Sri Lanka’s Defence Advisor, Captain (Sri Lankan Navy) WHUP Hewage visited the USI from 1215-1315 hrs as part of their study tour to India. They were given a presentation on “A Perspective on Indian Ocean Region” by Cdr MH Rajesh, Senior Research Fellow at USI.
  • 07 Jun 2016. - Round table discussion with a six member delegation from the Sichuan University, Chengdu, China led by Prof Yang Minghong was held at USI from 1030-1630 hours. The topics discussed were : Development in Tibet and its Impact on Sino-Indian Relations and Sino-Pak Relations and its Impact on Sino-Indian Relations. The two sessions were Chaired by Lt Gen PK Singh, PVSM, AVSM (Retd), Director USI and Shri Vivek Katju, IFS (Retd), respectively.


Research Topics (2012-2014)

  • Military Usage of Space
  • Military Dimension of Coercive Diplomacy
  • Maritime Security
  • Strategic Engagement: A policy Framework

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Ongoing Research Projects


  • Developments in Central–Asia: India–Kyrgyzstan Relations
  • Geopolitics, Security and Bilateral Relations – Perspectives from India and South Korea


  • Joint USI-MEA Great War Centenary Commemoration Project
  • History of Indian State Forces
  • Customs and Traditions of Indian Armed Forces

Latest Publications

USI Gold Medal Essay Competition

Result of 2015

Topics for 2016

Group 'A': "Managing Civil-Military Relations: How to Bridge the Gap?" - Open to All Officers

Group 'B': "Transforming our Armed Forces to face Challenges of Jointness" - Open to Officers upto 10 Years of Service

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The USI Council had declared the following as Co-Winners of this Competition :-

(a) IC – 34402K Lt Gen GS Katoch, PVSM, AVSM, VSM Directorate General of Perspective Planning IHQ of MoD (Army)New Delhi – 110 011

(b) IC – 41920M Col Ashwin Baindur Dir (Eqpt), FSDCD,F Combat College of Military Engg CME Pune – 411 031

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