List of Books Overdues

Library Books Overdue as on 1st Oct. 2018
1 Maj KN Nair LM 66275 1.Indo-Pacific Region : Security Dynamics and Challenges (C16887) 2. China,s Role in Indian Ocean : Its Implications on India's National Security(P36754) Tiwari, Sharad, Ed. Khanijo, Roshan, Ed. Abraham, Saji 23/02/17
2 Maj Gen GD Bakshi LM 69019 Surrender at Dacca : Birth of a Nation(P35529) Jacob, J F R 02/11/17
3 Lt Gen JBS Yadava, LM 22517 1.The Liberation of Bangladesh. v. 1(P30015) 2. Myths and Facts : Bangladesh Liberation War : How India, U.S., China, and the U.S.S.R Shaped the Outcome (P35616) Singh, Sukhwant Khasru, B.Z. 06/12/17
4 Maj Gen H K Singh, LM 65205 Letters From Kargil : The War Through Our Soldier's Eyes(C17528) Dwivedi, Diksha 28/05/18
5 Shri Saurav Jha, AM 213 18 21 1.Cadres of Tibet(P37243) Ranade, Jayadeva 05/06/18
6 Cdr BK Tiwari, LM 63838 1.The Sinking of INS Khukri : Survivors' Stories(C15955) 2. The Game Changer : Game Theory and Low Intensity Maritime Operations(P37164) 3. A Soldier's Diary : Kargil(P30917) Cardozo, Ian Golaya, Arup Pratap Baweja, Harinder 06/06/18
7 Prof David Devadas, LM 72254 SAARC-The Road Ahead (P34567) Saradgi, Iqbal Ahmed, Ed. Sahni, S K, Ed. Srivastava, R N, Ed. 13/06/18
8 Maj Rishi Raj Malik, LM 72207 1.The Lies that Win : Army Promotions(P33922) 2. Military Leadership in Pursuit of Excellence (R01205) 3. 1962 : A View From the Other Side of the Hill Kadyan, Raj Taylor, Robert L, Ed. Rosenbach, William E, Ed. Sandhu, PJS, Ed. 28/06/18


United Service Institution (USI) of India and Amity University Collaboration

United Service Institution (USI) of India and Amity University Collaboration in Defense Studies and Strategy- 27 Aug 2018 A glittering MoU signing ceremony was held at the Amity University on 27 Aug …


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