List of Books Overdue as on 1st Nov 2023 

1 Maj Rishi Raj Malik,
LM 72207
1. The Lies that Win : Army Promotions By Kadyan, Raj (P33922)
2. Military Leadership in Pursuit of Excellence Ed. By Taylor, Robert L, and
Rosenbach, William E (R01205)
3. 1962: A View From the Other Side of the Hill Ed.By Sandhu, PJS (C16451)
2 Maj Gen H K Singh,
LM 65205
The Great War: Indian Writings on the First World War by Jalil,
Rakhshanda (C17794)
3 Maj Gen J Khanna,
LM 61726
1.Evolving Geopolitics of the Indo - Pacific Region : Challenges and Prospects Sarangi, Subhasish (C18036)
2. Indo-Pacific Region: Security Dynamics and ChallengesEd. by Tiwari Sharad, Khanijo Roshan, (C16889)
4 Shri SK Bhutani,
LM 55876
Lingering Crisis in West Asia and North Africa and the Changing Dynamic of Its International Politics. By Sohrab Mohammad, Siddiqui Fazzur Rahman(P37492) 12/03/20
5 Brig S S Dahiya,
LM 67407
The Mcmahon Line : A Study in the Relations Between India, China and Tibet, 1904 to 1914. Vol.2 by Lamb, Alastair (P19625) 06/11/20
6 Cdr Shishir Upadhyaya,
LM 54477
India’s Foreign Policy 1947-2003byDixit,
J N(P33053)
7 Maj Gen MM RAI
Lm 48714
1.The Indian Empire at War : From Jihad to Victory, The Untold Story of the Indian Army in the First World War by Morton-Jack, George(P37410)
2. Military Ethics by Aiyengar, SRR(P36947)
8 Maj Gen H K Singh,
LM 65205
1.Allahu Akbar : Understanding the Great Mughal in Today’s Manimugdha S Sharma, (R03281)
2.The Coolies’s Great War: Indian Labour in a Global Conflict 1914 – 1921 by Radhika Singha,
9 Gp Capt M S Venkateshwar,
LM 68953
.Kashmir’s Untold Story : Declassified by Iqbal Chand Malhotra, Maroof Raza, (P37536) 22/07/21
1. Brig Sudhir Kant Hajela (Retd)
LM 66475
Power Shift : India - China Relations in a Multipolar World by Singh, Zorawar Daulet (P37571) 25/02/22
2. Col Ravi Pilllai,(Retd)
LM 57022
An Admiral’s Fall : The True Account of Vishnu Bhagwat’s Dismissal by John, Wilson (P30547) 02/03/22
3. Col SK Dalal,(Retd)
LM 31826
1.Surrender at Dacca : Birth of a Nation by Jacob, JFR (P34223)
2. We Dared : Maritime Operations in the 1971 Indo-Pak War by Kholi, S N(P27885)
3. The Sinking of INS Khukri : Survivors’ Stories by Cardozo, Ian(C15955)
4. The Liberation of Bangladesh. v. 1 by Singh, Sukhwant(P30015)
4. Maj MM Raza(Retd)
LM 54521
1.China - Pakistan Military Nexus : Implications for India Ed. by Katoch,P C,Tewari, Sharad.( C18047)
2. Pakistan’s Internal Security Challenges and The Army’s Ability to Overcome Them by Chodha, Shaman (C18053)
5. Shri Jayant Prasad IFS (Retd),
LM 64409
1.Surrender at Dacca : Birth of a Nation by Jacob, J F R (P34222)
2. Witness to Surrender by Salik, Siddiq (P31197)
3. The Betrayal of East Pakistan by Niazi, A A K(P30035)
6. Dr. UB Singh,(Retd)
AM 126 20 23
1.The India Way : Strategies for an Uncertain World by Jaishankar, S (P37570)
2. India’s Act East Policy., Ed by Josukutty C.A.( P37589)
7. Air Cmde Biswajit Mukerjee, (Retd)
OM 7451 22 25
1.The Billionaire Raj: A Journey Through India’s New Gilded Age by Crabtree, James (C18239)
2. Einstein : A Life by Brian, Denis (R01739)