New Arrivals of Books

List of books added during the period (Jan – Mar 2019)

Afghanistan : A Country Guide. by Maci Valerio, Maci, Com Valerio, New Delhi , Alpha Editions, 2018, 902p.,Rs. 2200/-ISBN 9789387513082

An Advanced History of Modern India.  by Sailendra  Nath Sen, New Delhi, Primus, 2018, 647p.,Rs. 540/- ISBN 9789384082550

Azure Blue and Canary Yellow : 62 Years of 62 Cavalry. by Arun Prakash, New Delhi, Manjeera Chimes, 2018, xv, 251p.,Rs. 2800 ISBN 9788192799568

The Bengal Army : 1857 Selected Documents. by R K Pruthi  New Delhi , Life Span,, 2018, 208p.,Rs. 700/- ISBN 9788183690058

Between the Great Divide : A Joueney into Pakistan ; Administered Kashmir.  by Anam Zakaria, 282 p., Rs. 599/-  ISBN 9789352779475

Born to Fly : Fighter Pilot MP Anil Kumar Teaches us There is no Battle the Mind Cannot Win. By Nitin Sathe, New Delhi, Vitasta, 2018, 216p.,Rs. 495/- ISBN 9789382711667

Changing Asian Landscape Role of India and China. Edited by Asma Masood,  New Delhi, KW, 2018, 150p.,Rs. 680/- ISBN 9789387324442

China :The Strategic Reluctance on Boundary Settlement wIth India. by Mari Mcgovern, New Delhi , Alpha Editions, 2018. 264p.,Rs. 1995/-ISBN 9789352977451

China and the Eurasian Region : Geographic and Geopolitical Influences. by C V, Ranganathan, Edited by Sanjeev, Kumar,   New Delhi , Indian Council of World Affaris, 2018, 301p.,Rs 995/- ISBN 9789383445318

China’s Foreign Relations and Security Dimensions. by Geeta, Kochar, Ed. London : Routledge, 2018, 197p., Rs. 750/-ISBN 9781138346468

China’s Grand Strategy From Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping. by Sulmaan Wasif Khan, Cambridge, Harvard, 2018, 320p., Rs. 699/- ISBN 9780674987760

Citizens and Soldiers Keeping India’s Tryst with Destiny : Paradigm for National Security and Resurgence. by V Deepak Sethi, New Delhi, Knowledge, 2019, 211p., Rs. 920/- ISBN 9789387324695

Cyber Warfare and  National Security : Is Securing Military Networks Enough? by M K Sharma, New Delhi, Knowledge, 2018, 250p., Rs. 1080/-ISBN 9789387324503

The Dirty War in Kashmir : Frontline Reports. by Sujaat Bukhari New Delhi ,Leftword, 2018, 95p., Rs. 150/-ISBN9789380118727

Durand’s Curse: A Line Across the Pathan Heart. by Rajiv Dogra, New Delhi, Rupa, 2017, 256p., Rs. 595/- ISBN 9788129148643

Emerging Horizons in India – Vietnam Relations. Edited by Shakti Sinha and  Sonu, Trivedi , New Delhi, Pentagon, 2018, 241p.,Rs. 1095/-ISBN 9789386618375

Essence of Hinduism, India’s Military Experience and Future Perspectives. by Chandra B Khanduri, Dehra Dun, Greenfield, 2018, 404p., Rs. 1095/- ISBN 9789381089354

Expanding Horizon of India’s Southeast Asia Policy : Look Move and Act East.  by

Tridib Chakraborty and  Mohor Chakraborty, New Delhi, KW,  2018, 337p., Rs.1280/-ISBN  9789387324404

Gandhi  The Soul Force  Warrior : Revolutionised Revolution and Spiritualised It by Pascal Alan, Nazareth, New Delhi, Wisdom Tree, 2019, 135p.,.Rs. 495/-ISBN 9788183285285

Hacking The Bomb : Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons. by Andrew Futter, Washington, Georgetown, 2018, 197p., £ 23.00  ISBN 9781626165649

Heart Break Over Doklam. by  Dipak Mukherjee, New Delhi , Vitasta, 2018, 192p. Rs. 395/-ISBN 9789386473288

India – Bangladesh Relations on Border Management Politics.  by  Mari Mcgovern, New Delhi , Alpha Editions, 2018, Rs.1995/-  ISBN 9789352977338

India – Pakistan Peace Process and J&K,by Sudhir S Bloeria New Delhi, Vij Books, 2018, Rs. 995/- ISBN  9789386457974

India and EU : An Insider’s View / Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi.  by Bhaswati Mukherjee, New Delhi ,Vij, 2018, 336p., Rs. 995/- ISBN 9788193759103

India, Empire, and First World War Culture : Writings, Images and Songs. by Santanu Das, United Kingdom ,Cambridge, 2018, 466p.,£ 19.00 ISBN 9781107441590

The Indian Empire at War : From Jihad to Victory, The Untold Story of the Indian Army in the First World War by George George, Morton London , Little Brown, 2018, 582p.,Rs. 699/- ISBN 9781408707708

Indian Nuclear Strategy : Confronting  The Potential Threat From Both China and Pakistan. by Maharaj, Sanjay Badri, New Delhi, Knowledge, 2018, 305p.,Rs. 980/- ISBN 9789387324657

Indo – Vietnam Relations in the Emerging Global Order.  by Suranjan Das, Tridib Chakraborti and Subhadeep Bhattacharya, New Delhi,  KW, 2018, 90p., Rs. 280/- ISBN 9789387324381

Kerala Insurgency for Politics. by K V Thomas, New Delhi, Manas Publications, 2018, 304p., Rs.795/- ISBN 9788170495475

The Land Space and Cyberspace Nexus : Evolution of the Oldest Military Operations in the Newest Military Domains.  by Jeffery L. Caton, New Delhi , Alpha Editions, 2018, 99p.,Rs. 650/- ISBN 9789352977208

Multan, Leiah & Peshawar Division : 1857 Select Documents. by R K Pruthi, New Delhi , Life Span, 2018, 252p., Rs. 700/- ISBN 9788183690034

Neighbourhood Initiatives of the Modi Goverment : Challenges and Road Ahead.  by Nalini Kant Jha, and K R Sreelekha, New Delhi, Pentagon, 2018, Rs.795/- ISBN 9789386618337

Pakistan at the Helm. by Tilak  Devasher, Noida, HarperCollins, 2018, 309p.,Rs. 499/- ISBN 9789352779338

Pakistan Living With A Nuclear Monkey.by Musa Khan Jalalzi, New Delhi, Vij Books, 2018, 247p.,Rs. 995/- ISBN 9789386457905

Punjab During The Revolt : 1857 Select Documents.  by R K Pruthi, New Delhi , Life Span, 2019, 271p., Rs. 700/-ISBN 9788183690003

The Pursuit of Prosperity : Exploring China’s Economic Dependence on India as a Deterrent to Conflict.  by Uday Khanapurkar, New Delhi , KW, 2018, 232p., Rs.880/- ISBN 9789387324466

Ready to Fire : How India and I Survived The ISRO Spy Case. by  S Nambi Narayanan, Arun Ram, New Delhi, Bloomsbury, 2018, 339p.,Rs. 599/- ISBN 9789386826268

Rethinking Contemporary India Polity. by Shalini, Saxena, Ed. 148p.,Rs. 695/- ISBN 9789388161107

Sardar Patel : Unifier of Modern India.  by RNP Singh, New Delhi, Vitasta, 2018, 356p.,Rs. 795/-ISBN 9789386473240

Science, Strategy and War :The Strategic Theory of John Boyd. by Frans P.B. Osinga, London, Routledge, 2018, 313p., Rs. 1250/- ISBN 9781138328921

Slavery and South Asian History.by Indrani Chatterjee Ed. M Richard, Eaton, Ed. Delhi,  Meena , 2018, 344p.,Rs. 1795/- ISBN 9789385957307

The Spy Chronicles : Raw ISI and the Illusion of Peace.  by A S Dulat, Asad Durrani, Aditya Sinha, India ,Harper, 2018 , 321p.,Rs. 799/-ISBN 9789352779253

Strategic Cyber Deterrence : The Active Cyber Defense Option.  by Scott Jasper, Lanham,  Rowman & Littlefield, 2017, 255p., £24.00 ISBN 9781538104897

The Strategy Trap : India and Pakistan Under the Nuclear Shadow.by Prakash Menon,  New Delhi , Wisdom,2018, 245p.,Rs. 895/- ISBN 9788183285247

Timeless Ethos of The Indian Warrior.  by SRR Aiyengar, Jabalpur, Grenadiers   Association,  2018, 122p., Price NA  ISBN NA

Tropical Warfare in the Asia – Pacific Region, 1941-45. by Kaushik Roy, London , Routledge, 2018, 265p., Rs. 995/- ISBN 9781138582880

Tryst With Perfidy : The Deep State of Pakistan.  by Kamal Davar, New Delhi, Rupa, 2017, 224p., Rs. 595/-   ISBN 9788129148971

21st – Century Challenges of Command : A View From the Field. by Anna Simons, New Delhi,  Alpha Editions, 2018, 101p.,Rs. 495/-ISBN  9789387600089

The Unending Game : A Former R&AW Chief’s Insights into Espionage.  by Vikram Sood, New Delhi, Penguin Random House, 2018, 282p.,Rs. 599/-ISBN 9780670091508

United Nations Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution. by Sanjay Barshilia, New Delhi , KW, 162p.,Rs. 680/-ISBN 9789387324428

Up in The Sky : b.e.l.c.o.p.t.e.r. Stories by Nitin Sathe, New Delhi, Vitasta, 2019, 192p., Rs. 350/- ISBN 9789386473370

What Does China Want ? China’s World. by Kerry Broen, London, I B Tauris, 2017, 243p.,Rs. 1850/- ISBN 9781784538095

World Military Guide India.  by Michiko Phifer, New Delhi, Alpha Editions, 2018, 583p., Rs. 1999/- ISBN  9789386874979

Your Prime Minister Is Dead.  by Anuj Dhar, New Delhi ,Vitasta, 2019, 289p.,Rs. 395/- ISBN 9789386473356


United Service Institution (USI) of India and Amity University Collaboration

United Service Institution (USI) of India and Amity University Collaboration in Defense Studies and Strategy- 27 Aug 2018 A glittering MoU signing ceremony was held at the Amity University on 27 Aug …


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