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Reviews of Recent Books Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 135 View
Military-Ecological Interface Colonel Pradeep Kumar Gautam (Retd) Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 126 View
Aviation – The Future is Unmanned Air Marshal Anil Chopra, PVSM, AVSM, VM, VSM (Retd) Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 117 View
France in the Indo-Pacific Commander Subhasish Sarangi Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 104 View
India Needs Integrated Approach to Dismantle Conflict Trap in Kashmir Brigadier Narender Kumar, SM, VSM (Retd) Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 93 View
Limited Wars and Deterrence in Nuclear Age Air Commodore Rippon Gupta Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 86 View
India’s Wars Since Independence: Would We have Performed Better if We Had A Chief of Defence Staff (CDS)? Colonel S Dinny Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 70 View
Non Contact Warfare (NCW) – Managing Conflict in 21st Century Brigadier Vivek Verma Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 60 View
India’s Role in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Professor Nirmala Joshi Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 52 View
Turmoil in West Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for India Shri Talmiz Ahmad, IFS (Retd) Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 44 View
Artificial Intelligence in Military Operations: Technology and Ethics Indian Perspective Lieutenant General RS Panwar, AVSM, SM, VSM, PhD (Retd) Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 29 View
Changing Spectrum of Warfare Seen in The Lens of Time and Space Lieutenant General (Dr) SP Kochhar AVSM**, SM, VSM (Retd) Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 22 View
Prospects for the Quad in the Indo-Pacific Shri Asoke Kumar Mukerji, IFS (Retd) Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 10 View
US-China Trade War: From Cooperation to Containment Dr Sanjaya Baru Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 6 View
Editorial Major General Y K Gera (Retd) Jan - Mar 2019 CXLIX 01 View
Disquiet on the Western Front Shri EN Rammohan, IPS (Retd) April 2003 - June 2003 CXXXIII 253 View
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United Service Institution (USI) of India and Amity University Collaboration

United Service Institution (USI) of India and Amity University Collaboration in Defense Studies and Strategy- 27 Aug 2018 A glittering MoU signing ceremony was held at the Amity University on 27 Aug …


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