Non – Member

  1. Details regarding the three CPs proposed to be conducted in 2019 are given in succeeding paras.  When selecting a CP, students must give a sec choice to allow adjustments.
  2. The CPs will be conducted at the USI.  Separate test papers will be set for each CP, which will be different from the Correspondence Course.  The schedule will be as follows:-
    • (a) CP I – 24 to 29 Jun 2019.
    • (b) CP II – 08 to 13 Jul 2019.
    • (c) CP III – 22 to 27 Jul 2019.
  3. Fwd scanned copy / snapshot of filled and signed membership form alogwith id proof(scanned copy/snapshot of canteen card / service cert)or the membership form itself can be countersigned by the staff offr / CO.
  4. E-mail membership form and id proof,alongwith address (where you require study mtrl) and fwd to ‘ci@usiofindindia.org’, asking for USI bank details
  5. Course sec will provide Bank details for online payment (Membership plus course fees).
    (Payment can also be made by DD/Cheque in favour of Director USI or cash). (See fee structure below)
  6. Do NEFT tfr to the given USI Bank account and fwd snapshot of tfr details to email to
    ci@usiofindia.org. (Fee structure are available in USI prospectus – 2019 and Courses coln)
  7. On receipt of payment,regn will be madeyou will be intimated your Course Index No.Course mtrl will be desp to your given add by the USI as per the schedule given in prospectus.

Exiting Members

  1. Membership form or any id proof are not reqd
  2. Apply to Chief Instr, fwd requisite application for joining the courses/subjects by email on ‘ci@usiofindia.org’. Also quote your exiting valid membership No.
  3. Withdrawal/ Cancellation.   Request for withdrawal/cancellation is not permissible. However, such offrs will be provided all mtrl issued during the CP applied for, plus mtrl of one more CP of applicant’s choice (if info recd earlier).
  4. Change of CPs.   Normally all CPs are oversubscribed, so you are advised to register yourself at the earliest to avoid disappointment of dates, as it is on first cum first serve basis. Generally, change of CP will not be entertained.  However, as a spec case, request may be considered, if recd 20 days in adv, subject to availability of vac in the particular CP asked for.
  5. The aim of these CPs is as follows:-
    1. (a) Mock test, correction and discussion.
    2. (b) Guide students on exam technique.
    3. (c) Clarify doubts.
    4. (d) Discussion on the question papers issued by the USI or from any other source.
    5. (e) Highlight imp subjects/issues.
  6. Detailed schedule for the CPs  is as given at Appx att.
  7. After each mock test, experienced DS will correct the papers, and discuss these with you to highlight your weak areas and guide you for further improvement.
  8. If you opt to join one or more of the CPs,  kindly send your request by 01 Jun 19.  Fee for per CP is Rs 6000/-.   Mtrl for CP only can also be regd/subscribed by paying Rs 3000/- per CP.  Payment may be made by cash, multicity or local cheque/bank draft drawn in favour of the ‘Director USI of India’ payable at New Delhi or through netbanking.  CP may be attended in civics.
  9. You will be reqd to come to Delhi under your own arngs, and make arngs for your stay in Delhi.  A few rooms are available at the USI premises; the cost of can be checked from the Residency.  These rooms need to be booked in advance directly with the Residency through E-mail at residencyresorts@gmail.com, or Tele No 26151228 or 9999889195 (Reservation Desk).  Stay in USI will avoid the requirement of conveyance.
  10. Besides the above, accn is likely to be available in Transit Camp Offr’s Mess (Old BH) Delhi Cantt through HQ Delhi Area (Q Branch).  You may contact HQ Delhi Area directly.
  11. During the CPs tea and snacks will be provided under arngs of the USI.  You will have to make own arngs for lunch.  Fixed lunch is provided at the restaurant on the USI premises.  Economy lunch is available at the staff canteen.  The rates are under revision.  You may attend the CPs in open collar. You are required to report at 0900 hr at Seminar Room No 1 of the USI on the first day of the CP.
  12. USI membership is mandatory to attend CPs.  The process of registration is same as for correspondence course and can be easily done from anywhere just by two emails and internet money tfr.

(S B Asthana, SM, VSM)
Maj Gen
Chief Instructor


  • 1. CP I – 24 – 29 Jun 2019.
  • 2. CP II – 08 – 13 Jul 2019.
  • 3. CP III – 22 – 27 Jul 2019.
Ser No Day Date Subject & Date Timing & Events
1. Mon 24 Jun 08 Jul 22 Jul 1st Day Tac ‘B’ (a) Briefing by CI 0930-1030 hr. (b) Tea 1030- 1100 hr.(c) Mock test under exam conditions 1100-1400 hr. Guidance on Tac B 1500 – 1630 hr
2. Tue 25 Jun 09 Jul 23 Jul 2nd Day Tac ‘A’ Mock test under exam conditions 1000 – 1300hr Guidance on Tac A 1400-1500 hr Guidance on SMT 1445-1530 hr Guidance on MH 1530-1630 hr
3. Wed 26 Jun 10 Jul 24 Jul 3rd Day AL & SMT AL Mock test under exam conditions 0930-1230 hr SMT Mock test under exam conditions 1330-1630 hr
4. Thu 27 Jun 11 Jul 25 Jul 4th Day MH Mock test under exam conditions 1000-1300 hr Guidance on Adm & ML 1400-1445 hr Discussion on mock test Tac A 1500-1630 hr
5. Fri 28 Jun 12 Jul 26 Jul 5th Day CA - do - Guidance on CA 1400 – 1445 hr Discussion on mock test Tac B 1445-1630 hr
6. Sat 29 Jun 13 Jul 27 Jul 6th Day Discussion on Mock Test 1000 – 1045 hr – AL 1110 – 1200 hr – SMT 1200 – 1245 hr – CA 1245 – 1330 hr – MH 1330 – 1430 hr – collection of mtrl.
  • (a) Office must report at 0900 hr on first day for registration. The class on answering technique will be taken by CI, which will not be repeated, hence it’s very imp to attend that.
  • (b) Tea break daily 1100-1115 hr, On Mon 1030 to 1100 hr and on Sat 1050-1110 hr.
  • (c) Lunch break 1300 – 1400 hr, on Mon 1400 – 1500 hr and on Wed 1230 – 1330 hr
  • (d) Strict time schedule is followed at USI.


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