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Image of USI Journal No. 606

Volume: CXLVI No. 606

Period: October 2016 - December 2016

Publisher: USI of India, New Delhi


  1. From Director’s Page

    By:  Lieutenant General PK Singh, PVSM, AVSM (Retd)
    Journal Page No. : 403

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  2. Editorial

    Journal Page No. : 415

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  3. 32nd National Security Lecture, 2016 India, China and Pakistan

    By:  Shri Shivshankar Menon, IFS (Retd
    Journal Page No. : 419

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  4. USI Gold Medal Essay Competition 2016 – Group A Managing Civil-Military Relations : How to Bridge the Gap

    By:  Commander Pradeep K Thakur
    Journal Page No. : 433

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  5. India’s Higher Defence Organisational Structure Dilemma: The Way Forward

    By:  Rear Admiral AP Revi, (Retd)
    Journal Page No. : 445

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  6. Fostering Strategic Maritime Partnership – Critical Analysis

    By:  Lieutenant General PK Singh, PVSM, AVSM (Retd)
    Journal Page No. : 459

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  7. Operation Cactus :Indian Intervention in Maldives – Nov 1988

    By:  General VN Sharma, PVSM, AVSM (Retd)
    Journal Page No. : 469

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  8. Geopolitical Shift : Evolving Strategic Landscape

    By:  Major General GG Dwivedi, SM, VSM and Bar, PhD (Retd)
    Journal Page No. : 477

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  9. Conflict Dynamics : An Ever changing Paradigm in a Globalised World

    By:  Major General KK Pant
    Journal Page No. : 485

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  10. Linking The PLA’s Military Region Reorganisation with Chinese Military Writings

    By:  Brigadier Iqbal Singh Samyal
    Journal Page No. : 496

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  11. Murree and Poonch Mountain Batteries in the 1918 Palestine Campaign

    By:  Colonel PK Gautam, (Retd)
    Journal Page No. : 506

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  12. Projects : India and the Great War 1914-18 Centenary Commemoration and India Remembers – An Update

    By:  Squadron Leader Rana TS Chhina, (Retd)
    Journal Page No. : 518

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  13. Lieutenant General SL Menezes Memorial USI Essay Competition 2016 The Battle of Hydaspes

    By:  Commander Sarat Menon
    Journal Page No. : 525

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