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Volume: CXLVII No. 609

Period: July 2017 - September 2017

Publisher: USI of India, New Delhi


  1. Editorial

    Journal Page No. : 249

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  2. 21st Colonel Pyara Lal Memorial Lecture, 2017 Transforming the Indian Armed Forces for Meeting Future Security Challenges

    By:  Lieutenant General Vinod Bhatia, PVSM, AVSM, SM (Retd)
    Journal Page No. : 255

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  3. Trajectory and Future of India-Bangladesh Relations

    By:  Mr Syed Muazzem Ali
    Journal Page No. : 269

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  4. Airborne Operations – Imperative Future Strategic Capability

    By:  Lieutenant General PC Katoch, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SC (Retd)
    Journal Page No. : 281

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  5. Chinese Military's Perspective on the Indian Military Strategy

    By:  Brigadier Iqbal Singh Samyal
    Journal Page No. : 290

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  6. China’s Energy Diplomacy and Changing Contours of Security Structure in the Indian Ocean: New Scramble for Sea Power

    By:  Mrs Dhanwati Yadav
    Journal Page No. : 300

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  7. Effectiveness of Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Treaty

    By:  Dr Roshan Khanijo
    Journal Page No. : 311

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  8. Nuclear Instability in South Asia: Is Someone Shaping the Narrative?

    By:  Colonel IS Panjrath, SM
    Journal Page No. : 319

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  9. Norms in Cyberspace: United Nations Group of Government Experts and Diplomatic Stasis

    By:  Ms Natallia Khanijo
    Journal Page No. : 331

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  10. Defence Procurement Procedure 2016: A Perspective on Indigenous Design and Development

    By:  Ms Chandrika Kaushik, Ms Jumi Hazarika Kakoty, Colonel Vijay Jain
    Journal Page No. : 342

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  11. Short Reviews of Recent Books

    Journal Page No. : 352

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