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Volume: CXLVII No. 607

Period: January 2017 - March 2017

Publisher: USI of India, New Delhi


  1. Editorial

    Journal Page No. : 1

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  2. Comparing the Economies of China and India and its Impact on India’s Strategic and Security Interests

    By:  Dr. Sanjaya Baru
    Journal Page No. : 5

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  3. The Situation in Jammu and Kashmir: The Way Forward

    By:  Lieutenant General DS Hooda, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM and Bar (Retd)
    Journal Page No. : 11

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  4. Pakistan’s Sea-based Nuclear Deterrence: Implications for India

    By:  Dr Roshan Khanijo
    Journal Page No. : 18

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  5. UNPKO and Military Contributions: Challenges and Opportunities for Asia-Pacific Governments

    By:  Major General AK Bardalai, VSM (Retd)
    Journal Page No. : 26

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  6. North Korea’s Nuclear Programme and Its Impacts on Regional Security

    By:  Major General Hoang Ky Lan, PhD
    Journal Page No. : 35

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  7. China Pakistan Economic Corridor – Current Status with Focus on Energy Sector

    By:  Commander MH Rajesh
    Journal Page No. : 43

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  8. Unique Approach to Comprehensive National Power through the Lens of Kautilya’s Arthashastra

    By:  Lieutenant Colonel Malay Mishra
    Journal Page No. : 60

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  9. Trade and Economic Sanctions - Effectiveness and Evil of Sanctions

    By:  Major General KK Pant
    Journal Page No. : 74

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  10. Is UN Security Council Seat Worth the Effort?

    By:  Dr S Krishnan
    Journal Page No. : 83

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  11. A Call to Remember

    By:  Bhanushali Gahlot, Mingma Lhamu Pakhrin
    Journal Page No. : 92

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  12. Reviews of Recent Books

    Journal Page No. : 99

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