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USI Journal ImageThe quarterly USI Journal is the oldest surviving defence journal in Asia, having first appeared in 1872. It is supplied free to all members, and in an era when there is a feeling that free expression of views by Defence personnel is not looked upon kindly by the establishment, the Journal in fact provides just such a forum, without regard to seniority and length of service in the Armed Forces, subject of course, to propriety and quality of the written work. 12,500 copies are printed and readership is up to 30,000. The contents include articles on national / global security in general and the Armed Forces in particular. It also covers reviews of latest books published within India and abroad, and presented to the USI. The cost of the journal is Rs. 300.00 per copy*, or Rs. 1,100.00 per annum**(maximum upto 3 years), within India and overseas annual subscription (By Air Mail) is £ 50.00 or US $ 80.00. A 20 year subscription of Rs 18,000/***- for units and formations is also available. Armed Forces units and book sellers/agents are given 10 per cent rebate. An index of articles published in the USI Journal since 1999 is on the site, subject wise as well as title wise.

* Plus Rs 20 postage per copy
** Plus Rs 80 postage per year
*** Including postage


Members are welcome to forward original articles pertaining to national security and defence matters for publication in the USI Journal. Articles should preferably be around 2,500 words. These should be forwarded in double space on A-4 size paper, along with its CD and addressed to the Editor, United Service Institution of India, Rao Tula Ram Marg, Post Bag No. 8, Vasant Vihar PO, New Delhi- 110057. Alternately, articles may be sent through e-mail on The Editor reserves the right to make alterations. Articles should not have been offered for publication to other journals or media. Authors to note the following:-

  1. Abbreviations if used have to be explained the first time and then abbreviated in the rest of the text.
  2. Maps, Figures, Tables must be given with clarity and precision in order to help us publish these in the Journal with proper resolution.
  3. The References and Endnotes must be complete to the last detail. In case of Books, it must specify the author's name, the book name, place of publication and publisher's name, and the year of publication along with page numbers referred to. In case of Journals, it must cover the author's name(s), title of the article, Journal name, Vol and Issue No, Month and year of publication, and pages referred to. In case of newspapers or primary sources as documents, the details should include, paper/document name, date/ month/ year details.
  4. The full name and address of the author along with a brief Curriculum Vitae should be given. Serving officers should enclose no-objection certificate signed by their immediate superior for publication of their articles.

Any script handed without complete details as in sub paragraphs (a) to (d) above will not be considered for perusal by the Editorial Board.

The author will receive a copy of the issue of the Journal in which his article appears along with three offprints. A suitable honorarium will also be paid after the article is published.


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