Completed Research Projects – Chairs of Excellence


  1. Field Marshal KM Cariappa Chair – Lt Gen KK Khanna, PVSM, AVSM & Bar (Retd).
    Topic – “Art of Generalship” (31 Dec 2013)..
  2. Admiral RD Katari Chair – Dr Prabhakaran Paleri.
    Topic – “Integrated Maritime Security” (30 Jun 2013)
  3. MEA Chair – Amb RS Kalha, IFS (Retd)
    Topic – “Dynamics of Preventive Diplomacy: A Case Study” (30 Jun 2013)
  4. Field Marshal KM Cariappa Chair - Lt Gen PC Katoch, PVSM,UYSM, AVSM, SC (Retd).
    Topic – “Special Forces of India” (14 Sep 2012).
  5. Air Marshal Subroto Mukherji Chair – Air Vice Marshal AK Tiwary, VSM (Retd)
    Topic – “Reorganising Air Force for Future Operations” (08 Dec 2011).
  6. MEA Chair – Prof KR Singh (Retd)
    Topic – “Coastal Security: Maritime Dimensions of Homeland Security”.(31 Aug 2011)
  7. Field Marshal KM Cariappa Chair - Maj Gen AK Lal, VSM (Retd).
    Topic – “Transformation 2025: Enhancing India’s Defence Capability”.(31 Mar 2011).

Completed Research Projects – Research Scholars


  1. Dr Roshan Khanijo, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “USI Occasional Paper No.1-2016 on “Nuclear Security Summit – The Challenge Continues” (Year 2016)
  2. Maj Gen BK Sharma, Brig Sandeep Jain & Dr Roshan Khanijo
    Topic – USI Occasional Paper No. 2-2016 on “Analysis of China’s Military Reorganisation”(Year 2016).
  3. Bal Kishan Sharma & Nivedita Das Kundu
    Topic – “China’s One Belt One Road – Initiative, Challenges and Prospects” (Year 2016)
  4. Col Vishal Murada, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “India’s Water Security Challenges, Myths, Reality and Measures” (Year 2015)
  5. Dr Adil Rasheed, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syris (ISIS): Method in the Madness” (Year 2015)
  6. Col Sanjeev Relia, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “Cyber Warfare – It’s Implications on National Security” (Year 2013)
  7. Brig Saif Khan, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “Asymmetric Warfare Capabilities being Developed by China” (Year 2015).
  8. Col NSP Bisht, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “PLA Modernisation and Likely Force Structure by 2025” (Year 2015)
  9. Dr Roshan Khanijo, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – "USI Occasional Paper – January: 2015 on “The Iranian Nuclear Conundrum” (Year 2015).
  10. Shri Ajai Malhotra, IFS (Retd)
    Topic – "32nd USI National Security Paper 2014 on “India-Russia-China: Is There a Case for Strategic Partnership” (Year 2015)
  11. Lt Gen PK Singh, PVSM, AVSM (Retd)
    Topic – USI Occasional Paper 2014 on “Afghanistan Beyond 2014: From Rhetoric to Reality – An Indian Perspective” (Year 2014).
  12. Dr Roshan Khanijo, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “Complexities and Challenges of Nuclear India” (Year 2014).
  13. Col Rajiv Chauhan, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “An Analysis of the Logistics Support Chain Management of the Indian Army and the PLA” (Year 2014)
  14. Lt Col Vivek Dhall, Senior Research Fellow.
    Topic – “India’s Energy Security” (Year 2013)
  15. Lt Col Harish Katoch, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “Territorial Army : Future Challenges” (Year 2013).
  16. Gp Capt RK Singh, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “Military Applications of Space”.(Year 2013)
  17. Col AK Agarwal, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “Application of Warfare in Combating Maoist Insurgency” (Year 2013).
  18. Col RK Tyagi, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “Cyber Warfare and its Implications for Indian Armed Forces” (Year 2012).
  19. Capt Sandeep Dewan, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “China’s Maritime Ambitions and the PLA Navy” (Year 2012).
  20. Col GG Pamidi, Senior Research Fellow
    Topic – “Possibility of a Nuclear War in Asia : An Indian Perspective” (Year 2012).

Special Project Studies Completed


  1. SWOT Analysis of Bangladesh (Net Assessment Project) (Year 2016)
  2. Environment Scan of Afghanistan BMC Analysis (Year 2015)
  3. Environment Scan of Pakistan BMC Analysis (Year 2015)
  4. Strategic Balance in South Asia. (Net Assessment Project) (Year 2014)
  5. The War Waging Potential of China 2025. (Net Assessment Project) (Year 2013)
  6. China's Strategic Progression and its Impact on India's Security. (Year 2013)
  7. India’s Comprehensive National Power.(Year 2013)
  8. Exploitation of National Space Assets as Force Multipliers for Land Operations.(Year 2012)


MacGregor Medal