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09/12/2017 Tackling Pak is India’s job, don’t leave it to US India Pakistan Relations K.C. Singh Asian Age View
09/12/2017 Britain and European Commission clinch deal to move Brexit talks forward European Union . Hindu View
09/12/2017 A stab in the heart of a peace process European Union Stanly Johny Hindu View
09/12/2017 Britain, EU clinch Brexit breakthrough European Union . Tribune View
09/12/2017 Musharraf testing political waters? Pakistan Lt Gen Bhopinder Singh (retd) Tribune View
09/12/2017 Kargil took military by surprise: Retd officers Indian Army Ajay Banerjee Tribune View
09/12/2017 Clashes erupt across West Bank, Gaza over U.S. Jerusalem pivot Middle East ILAN BEN ZION and MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH Statesman View
09/12/2017 Pakistan doesn’t need enemies Pakistan Ashraf Jehangir Qazi Statesman View
09/12/2017 Recalling Next Door Horrors Of ’71 Bangladesh Hiranmay Karlekar Pioneer View
09/12/2017 Storm cloud over Dhaka Bangladesh Jyoti Malhotra Indian Express View
09/12/2017 Return of a spectre called blasphemy Pakistan Farzana Shaikh Indian Express View


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