Courses Programme

USI courses were started in 1957 and are conducted to prepare officers for promotion examinations, Technical Staff College and Defence Services Staff College entrance examinations for Army and Navy. Only members can take up these courses. Every year, a large number of officers take up these courses and do very well in the actual examinations. The details of the courses and the tuition fees are as under :-

Correspondence Courses


    Registration Open for DSSC- 2016. Syllabus covered in five question papers. Cost Rs 4800/-. Additional papers are set for contact programmes. All six subjects covered.


    Registration Open for DSSC/PME (Navy) - 2016. Only Paper 1 covered consisting of Current Affairs, Military/Naval History and Maritime Strategy. Cost Rs 1000/-.

  • PART D

    Registration Open for Part D - 2016. Cost for five subjects is Rs 2700/-. Special to Corps papers are not covered by the USI.

  • PART B

    Registration Open for Part B – 2016. Cost for five subjects is Rs 2300/-.

    Register immediately to commence prep through Corres Course earliest.
  • Registrations for DSSC / TSOC - 2016 and Part B - 2016 open. Register immediately to commence prep through Corres Course earliest.

    Walk in Registration for Contact Pgmes. To help the offrs appearing for DSSC – Sep 2016, who have not been able to register so far, they can join on first day of Contact Pgme by coming 30 mines earlier and will be registered as the spot.

Course Information

The Institution runs regular correspondence courses for officers of the Armed Forces to assist them in preparing for Promotion and Defence Services Staff College / Technical Staff College examinations.

DSSC Aspirants 2016 -  Register yourself for the Corres Course and Contact Pgmes imdt, as it is on first come first serve basis, and highly oversubscribed, to avoid change of dates/disappointment.

For Part D – Oct 16 - Registration for Part D, 2016 is open. The Course is being remodeled. Register yourself imdt to get max time for prep for best results. Latest study mtrl, handouts being issued in addition to the existing study mtrl.

The interactive course is very active. The offrs are regularly asking question on email during their prep throughout the yr and being answered. Register yourself for USI Corres Courses for making best use of Interactive Course for Part B -2016 / Part D –Oct 16 / DSSC -2016.

Course Results

The remodeling of Course together with hard work of USI student has shown great success in results. In 2015, USI students bagged 18 out 20 Competitive vacancies for DSSC (Army). Out of 239 Army officers nominated to attend DSSC Course, 208 were USI students. 16 out of 17 earmarked as res were USI students. See Msg from CI for detailed analysis of results. In Part D 2015, 199 students of USI out of 490 passed all subjects in first attempt, 253 passed partially and only 38 students failed. See msg to CI for detailed analysis of results.

Fee Structure

We endeavor to keep costs to students at the lowest possible level despite constantly escalating input costs. However to get full value officers need to attempt all papers and have these corrected at the USI. If this is done for all papers there will be a constant improvement which would enable passing of exams.

Contact Information

Keep visiting our website for getting the latest information about Courses.

Visit Msgs from CI regarding latest info on contact pgmes, dispatches and addl info / instrs.

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