CAFHR - Constitution

Aims and Objectives

The following shall be the aims and objectives:-

  1. To study the history of Indian Armed Forces with objectivity, covering different facets -strategic, tactical, logistics, organisational, socio-economic aspects and their implementation. The emphasis shall be on the following periods :-

    1. Post Independence.
    2. 1900-1947 AD.
    3. 1750-1900 AD.
    4. Prior to 1750 AD.
  2. To award fellowships for military historical research.
  3. To add to Indian military history through means other than research fellowships, e.g., interaction with individuals and institutions through seminars, workshops and so on.
  4. To identify historical flaws and inconsistencies, and set them in the correct perspective by proper research.
  5. In due course, build up a military historical archives; a data bank on availability of publications, records, artefacts and museums pertaining to the Armed Forces; and a documentation centre and library.
  6. To publish periodic newsletters in due course once the Centre establishes itself.
  7. To undertake any other aspects related to the history of the Indian Armed Forces.


The USI CAFHR was established in 2000 under the authority of the USI Council, in consultation with the Service Headquarters, as a section of the USI. It will function under a Board of Management (BOM) appointed by the USI Council, normally for a period of three years which may be extended upto five years in the initial stage of establishment of the Centre. At this stage, replacement should also be staggered to ensure a degree of continuity.

Board of Management

The BOM shall be as under:-

  1. Three senior retired officers (one from each Service) of three-star rank. Chairman to be nominated out of them by the Council.
  2. Chairman JTC.
  3. ADGMO, ACNS (IW Ops), ACAS (Op C & D).
  5. Director USI.
  6. Representatives from the History Division of the MOD and the Indian Council of Historical Research may be co-opted at the discretion of the Board of Management.

The BOM will function as per standard practices of the USI Council/Executive Committee/ Centre for Research. The quorum for all meetings will be at least two members from serving officer's category and one from retired officer's category.

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The USI CAFHR shall have the following staff:-

  1. Secretary and Editor - 1.
  2. Research Assistant - 1 (PhD/M Phil).
  3. PA / Clerk - 2.
  4. Peon - 1.

The Secretary and Editor shall act as Secretary of the BOM. He shall function under the Director, USI.


There will be no separate membership for CAFHR; all members of the USI would be considered members of the CAFHR.


MacGregor Medal